Monday, July 25, 2011

Working as a Maury Show Intern

Sorry if I have not put this blog in actual date (in order) from the events occurred since I finally got into this "blogging" thing and I really wanted to write about some of my experiences from travelling and working in interesting places. Before I start my blogs about studying aboard to Trinidad and Tobago and my summer in China, I worked at the Maury Show in Stamford, Connecticut. I found myself fortunate and unfortunate that I lived in Hartford, Connecticut. Fortunate that getting to Stamford was about 90 minutes by car. Unfortunately, I do not have a car nor much money to commute more than twice a week. Thank you...Free Trinity U-PASS. Commuting to work on a CT transit line means I have to wake up at around 5AM in the morning to finally get to Stamford at around 8:45 AM. At least it was free commute until I reached New Haven. My first day of work was full of surprises. At first the old, gray, brick building in Stamford, Connecticut happens to be studio where the show was held. Worth waiting in the cold to figure out if this place was in fact the Maury Show studio. It was!

When I got to the Maury Show, I was greeted by the secretary and was given a few duties as a intern. They range from answering phone calls, listening to voicemails to jot the most important segments in a notepad, and doing errands around the city of Stamford. While some phone calls are prank calls and phone drops, I wish I could say that the majority of the stories are NOT fake. I repeat, the stories you see in Maury are NOT FAKE! I also get to run around Stamford to get items for the producers (I personality think its not all that bad) and eventually know my way around Bedford Street area. I guess my favorite memory was actually getting to work on set. It was the REAL deal. You get to see hands on of what it takes for Maury to be aired in front of Millions. The multiple cameras pointing at many angles at the audience and at Maury, how the guests prepare for the show, the countless amount of monitors in the control room, ETC. Plus, Maury is quite hilarious with witty jokes I heard from afar. (Learn from the craziest guests, I guess) Overall, yes it is unpaid, but the people you meet, whether they are fellow interns, your boss, or the guests made my 5AM droning mornings worth it each time!

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