Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Blog of the Nightcat

Hey there,
This is actually the first blog in my life. I thought having a facebook is enough as it is, but after my experiences in the International Hip Hop festival for the past two nights, I am more convinced to become a blogger. Ironic, huh? Well, since this is my first blog, I should briefly introduce my self. I'm Chioma Ozuzu (my middle name is often not disclosed) and I currently go to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut as a second-year student. I don't consider myself an average college student, especially back at high school. Not many kids I know did film in High School and continued in college. I thought that I never get involved with film after my high school graduation, until going to Trinity changed my perception. I got into a few good schools, but I was torn between Trinity and University of Rochester. Both are my top choices, but which one? I decided, Trinity College after my visit for the first time. My reactions when I first arrived? "Yup, I see myself here, for some reason" I even told a girl that I see in you Japanese 101, although she was like, wtf. who is this kid? Going back, I always wanted to be involved in the TV station at Trinity, but as an extracurricular. Good thing, the TV station is restarted thanks to myself and another cool freshman. The TV station called TrinTV is what brought me to the International Hip Hop Festival. See you soon!

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